Angels Medical Centers

Fractional Lease – Pay for the days you use.

The concept of fractional medical office lease is very simple, giving medical providers and medical businesses all the benefits of an office and or clinic use at a fraction of the cost.

With the Fractional Lease, you gain all the convenience, access and time advantages of owning the whole lease but at a fraction of the cost and without any of the responsibilities. Angels Medical Centers hires, maintains, clean and takes care of the building and the logistics.

The Fractional Lease offers you predictability of your expenses. It will also afford you a very low rental cost and hence a much lower medical overhead.

Would you leave the water running in your tub when you leave your house? Of course not - this is wasteful. Why then are you paying to lease an office on days / hours when you are not there? Why pay for Saturday, Sunday and night use when you are not in the office?

Click to email me today, in confidence, and let me show you how to start saving.

For physicians and practices

Many physicians and practices have enjoyed great success in placing their services at our locations. Place your clinic with us and enjoy success without the high cost. Different packages are available to select from.

For patients

Our state of the art medical centers are conveniently located in key regions in Massachusetts. We are ready to service patients’ needs. Our well-trained, friendly, staff members are awaiting your visit.